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Intro to Kamitic Spirituality


Have you ever wondered what is was that enabled the African founders of the great Nile Valley Civilization to accomplish their monumental achievements?   Or thought about what could possibly be done to bring civilization back to this savage world? 

Well the answers were given clearly in the seminal works METU NETER vols 1 - 7.  by Ra Un Nefer Amen I

"Ancient Egypt's great accomplishments in all areas of civilization: women's rights, education, spirituality, government and the arts and sciences (mathematics, three scripts, architecture, metallurgy, astronomy, medicine, literature, and on and on) was due to the optimization of the talents, intelligence, morality and spirituality of its people."  Dr. Amen.

 Thousands have benefited from the resurrection of the world's oldest recorded system of spiritual instruction: the Ausarian Initiation system. 

Now you can receive direct instruction in the Ausarian Initiation system through our online distance learning program which is supported by live meetings and meditations in the Philadelphia area.  

Join us on Friday 7/29 from 7:00 - 8:30 pm, for an Introduction to the Spirituality of Ancient Khamit and the Ausarian Initiation system.  


Peace and Blessings, 

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