The ease at which I’m able to fall asleep and the vigor and energy that I get when I wake up is well worth every single penny I spent for this class. The teachings are very clear and very detailed in a manner that suits my inquisitive nature. I’ve been studying qigong now for about two years and this system is helping me in ways that I never felt before. Tua for the lessons that I know will bring me into my old age with the energy of my teenage days.
— A. N. FT. Myers, FL
I am 45 years old and have been working with the MIN system for 16 months now , since the onset of working with this technique I have gained a sense of increased sexual wellness, greater mental clarity, deeper and more deeper and healing sleep periods, drive and ambition and and over all feeling of health and wellbeing.
— D W Philadelphia Pa


4 weeks of interactive training featuring:

  • Explanation of theory
  • Exercises taught by diagram and video
  • Live Q & A
  • PDF handouts to reference
  • Access to all recordings for future study

Sifu John Chen demonstrates Neigong

Never being an early riser, I can remember my mother having to spray me with water to get me up for school. The MIN exercises, from the sleeping positions to the morning accupressure and self massage that starts in the bed on waking have totally changed my life. Now I’m wide awake and ready to go from the time my feet hit the floor rather than my engine getting started around 12 and after 2 cups of coffee.
— C M Brooklyn NY


Recordings of sessions held on

2/26, 3/5, 3/12, 3/19 

are now available for your study

*registration includes recordings and handouts (pdf)



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