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Kamitic Meditation Classes


Meditation is the most life giving skill you will ever acquire.  Overcome Stress, boost your immunity, increase your IQ, gain deep insights, end frustration, deepen relationships, strengthen your connection with God, harmonize with your life purpose, trance end addictions, GROW!  Troubled by mental chatter?  Unable to find the stillness and Peace within?  

Our Kamitic Meditation technique has been perfected over the last 44 years and will have you In Spheriencing your God given inner peace in your first 20 minute session.  


Kamitic Spiritual Science

Every Sunday at 5:00 PM, Beginning September 10th

Join us as we discuss the Healing, Initiation, and Divination systems of Kamit (ancient Egypt)

 Metu Neter Oracle Level 1: On-Demand

The Metu Neter Oracle enables us to discover the spiritual cause and meaning of earthly events.  It prescribes the words of power and other occult forces that can be manipulated by the intiate in order to control these events. This series will focus on how to use the rituals prescribed to maximize your success. 

Ausarian Initiation 


Ausarian Initiation is the ancient Khamitic system that leads to the realization of man’s divinity though a clearly defined series of meditations and observations of divine law. This program is taught on 4 levels and offered through our international online learning platform supported by local classes.

For more information call:  (718) 469-3199 M-F 11am- 4pm