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Learn from Dr. kamau B. Kokayi at this years Atefu Conference!

Atefu Conference 2017

Atefu Conference

 Our African ancestors who built the first great civilizations left us a wisdom tradition that holds answers to the challenges we as Black men are facing today.  Join us for Panel Discussion, Workshops, Food Sampling, Qi Gong and Meditation demonstrations that will enhance your potency, drive and capacity to overcome adversity.   

 Join us for the Atefu (Ancient Egyptian word for men/fathers) Conference April 7-8, 2018  at 6008 Germantown Ave Philadelphia, PA 19144

Countering the Conspiracy to Kill Our Seed: Blunted and Stunted the culture of early exposure to drugs, alcohol and excessive ejaculation have left many of us chronic underachievers.  Could this be why we own and control so little, even in our “own” communities?   Our ancient tradition of life force (Ra) cultivation will bring back your drive, determination and competitive edge.

Watch this Video!  Pesticide, assailing the male endocrine system.

Taping The Power of Family: How destabilization of the family unit in the Black community is undermining our ability to compete and thrive.  With over 100 years of collective experience as husbands and fathers our panelist will discuss how elements of African culture have helped them to hold it together as Atefu (husbands and fathers).

How to Eat like a Man: Power foods,  herbs and supplements that every man needs in today's toxic , demanding environment.  How to get in the essentials to maintain your vitality, endurance and longevity.   Samples, formulas and demonstrations of how to quickly prepare your survival pack!

Transcending Stress ... the performance killer: Long before it takes us to an early grave our stress response to the adversities of life destroys our performance in the bedroom and in the board room.  Learn simple but powerful meditation techniques that will protect you from the greatest threat to your health and success. Get a copy of  “Stress Free For Life” the survival manual for our time.