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Online and Live Classes April 30th - May 28th

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Preparation for Ausarian Initiation

Get intune with God's plan for your life, trancend your bad habbits, awaken new talents and improve your health.  These are a few of the benefits experienced by thousands who have participated in the worldwide Ausarian initiation program under the guidance of Ra Un Nefer Amen, the author of the 7 volume Metu Neter series.  In four classes we will overview the Ausarian spiritual path and explain the three meditations that you must do to prepare. Suggested text:  Metu Neter vol 4 & Maat: the 11 laws of God

 Metu Neter Oracle Level 2: Divine Prescriptions

The Metu Neter Oracle enables us to discover the spiritual cause and meaning of earthly events.  It prescribes the words of power and other occult forces that can be manipulated by the intiate in order to control these events. This series will focus on how to use the rituals prescribed to maximize your success. 

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Ausarian Initiation 


Ausarian Initiation is the ancient Khamitic system that leads to the realization of man’s divinity though a clearly defined series of meditations and observations of divine law. This program is taught on 4 levels and offered through our international online learning platform supported by local classes.

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